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Whitewater Rafting in Yoshino River

What is RAFTING?

 Whitewater rafting is doubtlessly fantastic experience. Using special raft boat made by enforced PVC(or rubber), guide and crew challenge rapids, big waves, huge holes.

 It is totally fun, like a roller coaster without rail with much thrill and excitement!
What is rafting?  We use inflatable PVC raftboat, specially made for Japanese steep and technical rivers. The capacity of the raft is 8people including a guide.

Bring it with you

○bring if you have
△your choice

◎Swimming wear(bring extra underwear if you don't have)
◎Towel(uses after trip)
○Glasses strap when wear glasses*
○Swimming goggle when wear contact lenses
○Chemical fabric underwear for cold day

*Glasses strap(neoplene) is sold at ODSS Riverbase Yoshinogawa.

Our lunch

rafting tour lunch photo  You can enjoy lunch for the 1Day course at our scenic lunch spot. We believe that lunch is also an important stuff for rafting tour.

 Open sand style hot lunch is surved. The location, menu, and the taste are our pride, of course, it includes desserts and drinks.

Equipment Sales

 ODSS also sells rafting gears and other kind of outdoor sports' equipment. For details, ask by email.

 ex. Raft boat(INCEPT)6-8people, Inflatable Kayak(INCEPT)1-2people, Paddles, Snowshoe, Backcounrty skis and so on.
Yoshino River Rafting, the best Whitewater experience in Japan
Open all the year round
From Junior High(13 years old)

 Rapid water flow and big drops, clearness of water, and those collaboration with scenic "ooboke-koboke" canyon...Yoshino River, best whitewater in Japan, is truly ideal for whitewater rafting.

 ODSS is located in 30 minutes drive from Ikawa-Ikeda I.C. of Tokushima motorway. Also we can pick you up at Awaikeda JR Station and at hotels in Ikeda-cho.

 Enjoy ODSS rafting tour with adrenalene explosion!


Satisfying wholeday whitewater experience!

Yoshino River rafting tour---1DAY course

from mid April to mid October
Class 4, older than junior high(13 years old)
from JPY10,500

Yoshino River Rafting 1Day  1day trip of Koboke section of Yoshino River. Enjoy exciting whitewater rafting. If you want, also possible to jump from a rock, float with PFD(life jacket) in calm water...enjoy Yoshino River's clear water.

 Lunch is to be took on the riverbank of Koboke Canyon. It is a World Class quality exciting tour!


For people who want to experience whitewater a little

Yoshino River rafting tour---Short course

Open from mid March to mid November
Class 3 or 4, older than junior high(13 years old)
from JPY6,000

Yoshino River Rafting Photo  Short course ends up in early afternoon, so it is recommended for people who hesitate long trip, and who has to do in the afternoon. Short but Yoshino River is still exciting. Enjoy big waves and drops!


For people who want enjoy whitewater even halfday

Yoshino River rafting tour---Halfday PM Long course

Open from mid March to mid November
Class 4, older than junior high(13 years old)
from JPY9,000

Yoshino River Rafting Photo  Halfday course is shorter than 1 day, but this halfday course includes Yoshino River's best rapids. Also recommended for people who come back home on the same day from long distance.



Benefits for 1Day course and Halfday course

1. You can enjoy sweets after the trip such as goat-milk cheese cake or something made by our friend's cake shop.
2. We take pictures and movies during the trip and you can see them after the trip to purchase DVD by JPY1,500.
Attn: Short course may not include those benefits.

Safety and Equipment

RAJロゴ  All ODSS rafting guides are professional river guides, who has licence of RAJ(River guide Association of Japan)(Japanese page).

レスキュー3ロゴ  ODSS rafting guides has Swiftwater Rescue licenses of Rescue 3(Japanese page), with knowledge about danger accompanying with rafting tour.

 ODSS Shikoku's rafting tour uses equipment all suitable for whitewater.
main equipment
Raft boats INCEPT(NZ),
"R43SJ(8people)", Japan original model suitable for technical wavy river.
PFD(Life Jacket) NRS(USA), "Big Water V" buoyancy force is more than 11kg, superb fitting
Wetsuit GULL(JPN) made 3mm thick model. Also 5mm fullsuit models keep you warm even in chilly season.
Wet Jacket GULL(JPN) made 3mm thick model keeps you warm in cold condition.

Self Responsibility and Risk Management

 In outdoor environment, always something might happen. Medical services in outdoor environment is not like in a big city, when you got suddenly suffered from injury or disease.

 All ODSS staff make efforts during the trip to avoid such problems, still it might happen.

 In such outdoor situations, we cannot supply more than first aid. So you also need to try to keep yourself safe during all the outdoor activities. Safety advises by guides are always important.

 You need to sign on the paper, written like that on it, before you go to the trip.(less than 18 years old people needs agreement of his/her parent). We dare to say in advance.

<Notice about alcohol and pregnance>
 Rafting is SPORTS. Anyone who is drunk, who drank just before the trip, or who is hung over too much, cannot participate in the tour for safety reasons.
 For pregnancy, however we don't know rafting is good or not good, but we are sorry, pregnant women cannnot take part in the tour...your baby cannot make agreement to participate in the tour...

Ooboke to Kawaguchi, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima pref.(3 to 9km)
Course change and cancellaration
We might change the section, or cancel trips, because of the water level or of wheather conditions.
<1Day course>
from mid April to October except the period below. JPY10,500
Weekdays from 18th JUL to the end of AUG(monday to friday), except 13th, 14th and 15th AUG.
Weekends from 18JUL to AUG(SAT, SUN and holidays), also weekdays from 13AUG to 15AUG JPY14,500
<Short course>
from APR to NOV except the period below. JPY6,000
Weekdays from 18th JUL to the end of AUG(monday to friday), except 13th, 14th and 15th AUG.
Weekends from 18JUL to AUG(SAT, SUN and holidays), also weekdays from 13AUG to 15AUG JPY7,000
<Halfday course>
>from APR to NOV except the period below. JPY9,000
Weekdays from 18th JUL to the end of AUG(monday to friday), except 13th, 14th and 15th AUG.
Weekends from 18JUL to AUG(SAT, SUN and holidays), also weekdays from 13AUG to 15AUG JPY11,000
<Winter course>
from November to mid April JPY10,000
Taxes are all included.
*INSURANCE Charge (JPY350)must be paid for each trip.
Prices include
  • ・Rental charges
    (life jacket, helmet, wetsuit, shoes, paddling jacket, raft boat, paddle, shoes)
  • ・Charges for guide and support
  • ・Lunch(1day course and Winter course)
*Please let us know your HEIGHT, WEIGHT, FEET SIZE when booking so that we can prepare for the rental equipment as proper size.
Older than junior high(13 years old)
Minimum Trip
3people(2people in mid-summer for AM/PM halfday course)
Maximum trip

Schedule of Rafting tour

1DAY Short Halfday
8:30 8:30 JR Awaikeda Station
(Meeting point by train and highway bus)
*We can pick you up at nearby hotels. Ask in advance.
8:50 8:50 11:50 JR Ooboke Station
(Meeting point by train)
9:00 9:00 12:00 ODSS Riverbase Yoshinogawa
(Meeting point by car)
Reception, changing clothes
9:40 9:40 12:40
Heading to put-in point by our vehicle or on foot
10:00 10:00 12:45 Arriving put-in. Wear equipment, safety talk, and practice before trip.
When you are ready, GO!
1DAY course take lunch on the way(12:00)
15:45 11:40 15:45 Estimated finish time. Back to Riverbase by our vehicle.
17:00 12:30 17:00 Break up at Riverbase Yoshinogawa.
17:10 12:40 17:10 JR Ooboke Station or Koboke Stn.
17:30 17:30 JR Awaikeda Station
I can't breathe...
I can't breathe...